CryptoMate Nano Client Kit

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CryptoMate Nano Client Kit is an easy-to-use solution package for managing and protecting your digital certificates using CryptoMate Nano USB Cryptographic token. Featuring the necessary token management application, drivers, and reference materials, this kit familiarizes you with using CryptoMate Nano for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based applications. User credentials and certificates are never compromised with CryptoMate Nano’s superior cryptographic features and multi-level secured access hierarchy.

This client kit contains two types of packages - Admin Package and User Package. The Admin Package intended for Certificate Authorities, Registration Authorities and other administrators who prepare and initialize the smart card/token for PKI use. Once CryptoMate Nano has been initialized, the token can be distributed to end users. The User Package on the other hand is intended for end users who will use CryptoMate Nano for PKI applications, such as requesting for a digital certificate and using it to sign documents.

The client kit is available for only US$59.