ACR39F-A2 Smart Floppy Smart Card Reader

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ACR39F-A2 Smart Floppy Smart Card Reader ImageACR39F-A2 Smart Floppy Smart Card Reader ImageACR39F-A2 Smart Floppy Smart Card Reader Image

ACR39F Smart Floppy is the ideal solution for easy integration of smart card readers into the desktop environment. Using the USB interface, it is powered by the computer’s internal power supply, and can be configured to go with the customer preferences.

ACR39F Smart Floppy supports ISO 7816 Class A, B, and C smart cards. Also, it works with different memory cards and microprocessor cards with T=0 and T=1 protocol. It features a USB Full Speed interface and a smart cards read/write speed of 600 Kbps. This highly durable device can last for at least 100,000 card insertion cycles..

ACR39F Smart Floppy is easy to install, use, and integrate in a computer-based environment. It is PC/SC and CCID compliant, and its drivers are compatible with Windows®, Solaris™, Linux®, macOS. In addition, ACR39F Smart Floppy can be used on mobile devices running with Android™ Versions 3.1 and above.

With its various features, ACR39F Smart Floppy can be used in different applications, such as Banking and Payment, e-Government, e-Purse and Loyalty, and Access Control applications.

  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface (via detachable cable)
  • Compatible with USB 3.0
  • Plug and Play – CCID support brings utmost mobility
  • Smart Card Reader:
    • Supports ISO 7816 Class A, B and C (5 V, 3 V, 1.8 V) cards
    • Supports CAC
    • Supports SIPRNET Card
    • Supports J-LIS card
    • Supports microprocessor cards with T=0 or T=1 protocol
    • Supports memory cards
    • Supports PPS (Protocol and Parameters Selection)
    • Features Short Circuit Protection
  • Application Programming Interface:
    • Supports PC/SC
    • Supports CT-API (through wrapper on top of PC/SC)
  • Supports Android™ Versions 3.1 and later
  • e-Government
  • Banking & Payment
  • e-Healthcare
  • Access Control
  • Network Security
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • e-Purse & Loyalty